Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is of growing importance in the field of logistics.

Sustainable development at the
au Distribution Logistics Center

Responsible e-commerce represents the future, processing of orders and logistics must take this reality into account
And adapt sustainably.

1. Responsible delivery

We work with partners whose delivery methods pass towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
Indeed, we select our carriers according to different criteria and are looking at the investment and efforts made to contribute to compliance with the planet.
This involves the use of low CO2 emission vehicles or even, by promoting delivery in a relay point rather than at home.
This choice reduces the kilometers made by each carrier and drastically reduce the carbon impact linked to this service. A single direct journey rather than multiplying the distance for each home.
On the other hand, delivery in certain city centers is made by tricycle bike, a practical and especially neutral carbon transport.

It’s simple and above all much more responsible!


2. Social issues

The CLD is very involved in the well-being of its employees and the quality of life at work.

Evolve in good conditions, working in a secure manner, offering an ethical workplace work is just as many theme for which the company is committed. But concretely, what do we do?

Growth of hiring, gender equality, inclusion, permanent workforce, development of breaks, outdoor garden, upward and descending communication, purchase of ergonomic furniture linked to the consideration of employee postures …


3. Ethical support

We support local societies (e-commerce and e-logistics support) by favoring solidarity, transparency and we are more interesting in human contact and not only in business.

We strive to really listen to everyone’s needs and bring a personalized and adapted solution to it.

At the same time, the CLD undertakes to comply with the conditions of the GDPR concerning the protection of personal data or in terms of compliance of international trade.

Finally, we have certifications such as Ecocert and have subscribed to Citeo, a private non -profit company, specialized in the recycling of packaging.


4. Environmental engagement

In order to best meet the environmental challenges of our current era, more and more structures, businesses and groups, really commit and set up solutions to limit their environmental impact.

The CLD undertakes on its scale by deploying different actions: recycling of boxes, the manufacturing of internal wedges with the boxes of boxes, the search for engaged suppliers or the desire to make eco-responsible purchases and others…

But this also involves major projects, including that of installing solar panels on warehouse roofs in order to transit towards regulated and autonomous consumption.