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The CLD Distribution Logistics Center offers a service of Fulfillment Logistics Center. Give us your stock and your shipments and we bring you a professional and flexible solution to meet the market places and the needs of your online sales site.

In order to assist you in the growth of your e-commerce, we have set up a well-honed process of our Fulfillment service. We will all together, all the chances in our favor to increase your positive experience to meet delivery deadlines while having a quality service.

To do this, 3 key steps are needed:

1 Connecting your platform:

Integrating your information flow with our computer system is a crucial step. We will mix all IT flows with logistics flows. No worries, we are used to it and we will be able to advise you in order to keep fluid exchanges by API or webservices.


2 Getting started with implementing your stock

In our management system, you will find all the information about your products (characteristics, colors, weight, barcodes, references …).

We will store your products on different storage and racking modes. They will be adapted to your products as well as to your flow volumetrics. This translates into reserve zones, advanced stock picking or dynamic stock. The goal is to bring you total transparency.

3 Fulfillment of your orders:

When an order arrives, our team prepares it (picking the right products, checking, packaging according to your requirements).

With our fast and efficient Fulfillment service, your orders will be prepared and dispatched the same day for any order placed before 14h, in order to better satisfy your customers.

We are always at your disposal to provide you with additional services. Feel free to share your ideas and proposals.




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