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The CLD Distribution Logistics Center offers complete and turnkey solutions for e-commerce logistics outsourcing. We accompany e-commerce professionals at all levels of the routing process.

Our services include a consultancy and support phase to define your e-commerce logistics strategy: we advise you, among other things, on the choice of carriers, the tools used and the packaging of your goods.

The CLD Distribution Logistics Center receives all your packages and unloads the containers. This step includes the counting of the goods, the data entry and the qualitative control if necessary. We then store goods and supplies in our secure warehouses, with dedicated storage areas depending on the type and size of the goods.

Our logistics tools make it possible to obtain the orders of your customers in real time, for a fast preparation. We drive and analyze your logistics flows via direct access to your company’s CMS. Thanks to our piloting tool, we can manage your stocks with precision and responsiveness.

Every order made on your e-commerce site is prepared and packaged with care, ready for shipment. Together we choose the right type of packaging for your items.

Finally, our IT monitoring and analysis tools can oversee the e-commerce supply chain as a whole and efficiently.



The CLD Distribution Logistics Center teams accompany you daily in the management of your logistics, step by step. We take into account many parameters that are specific to your situation: sector of activity, size of the company, target audience, sales volume, CMS and software, seasonality of your articles … in order to offer you a personalized offer that will respond to all your needs.

Our teams are available at any time to answer your questions or take stock of your situation. We believe that being attentive to the customer is an essential point, making it possible to establish a relationship of trust and quality over the long term.


The well-run organization of the Logistics Center allows us to adapt constantly to all types of situations and customers: small or large companies, large sales volumes, commercial operations, special requests …

At key times of the year, such as Christmas, Black Friday or Mother’s Day for example, we can advise you in the management of your stocks, the packaging of parcels, the creation of lots with several items, etc. The goal is to anticipate a maximum, so that the rush periods are perfectly managed and you can develop your business serenely.

Our staff and our partners make every effort to ensure that the logistics of each company is a success!


Receipt of goods

The CLD Distribution Logistics Center receives your goods every day from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 16:30

Our team of logistics specialists take care of unloading the goods and counting all the parcels and pallets. We compare the quantity announced by the carrier with the quantity received to be sure that there is no anomaly or loss. The general condition of the packages is also carefully noted by our teams, to identify the damage. Finally, we enter the data automatically so that the customer can obtain the information in real time. All the goods are then stored in our warehouse of more than 2000m2.

Our guarantees:

• Careful unloading and quality control
• Check between the number of products delivered and your purchase order
• Container unloading and fast unpacking
• Storage of goods in areas adapted to your needs
• Possibility of quality control by batch, serial number, expiry date …
• Providing customized reception reports
• Complete management of customer returns


Preparing your orders

The CLD Distribution Logistics Center also takes care of the order preparation part for your customers.

This step includes the collection of your goods in our stocks, the packaging to prepare your packages for dispatch, as well as the grouping of several orders if necessary.

Thanks to our powerful WMS, we can quickly take care of new orders, and ship them the same day if the order is placed before 14h. Our IT tools enable accurate and efficient inventory management.

All of your specific order picking needs may be listed in a specification, for example: special packaging with labels, batch orders, package recompositions, etc.

Command Preparation by Command Wave: The Disitribution Logistics Center can group several orders in progress to optimize productivity. Wave grouped output orders are processed individually, indicating to the order picker how much to pick and integrate into the order.

Grouping orders: This pick and packpremet preparation process takes the whole of the products needed for a group of orders, and extracts them to a dedicated area for this purpose. The unbundling of the products to their original order is done afterwards.

Kit management: the CLD Distribution Logistics Center can also generate your kits from parent article references, in order to create a new article that will be sent to your customers.


The CLD Distribution Logistics Center is equipped with several tools for reporting and analyzing data. All logistical flows concerning your activity are saved in our computer software, a powerful tool that allows us to have an overview of the supply chain of our customers.

All data relating to the receipt, storage, packaging or shipping of your items are entered by computer. We can therefore provide you with personalized and accurate statistics in real time, allowing us to adapt our logistics flows and to gain ever more productivity.

Via our extranet, customers can directly consult all movements of goods:
physical stocks, alert stocks, order preparations, deliveries, tracking … all followed by bar code scanning.

Finally, delivery is an essential point in e-commerce logistics: it is necessary to master this final part of the process if you want to satisfy your customers and not lose money. This is why the Distribution Logistics Center also supports the delivery and management of customer returns.

Your customers are informed in real time of the follow-up of their parcel, and we put at their disposal the return vouchers to facilitate the return of parcels if necessary. We then check the quality of the returned item as well as the reason for the return.




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